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Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song)
Pan Indian Songs: I'm so very lonesome for you sweetheart
Angakchina tawi (Long-haired kachina song)
Suspaltawi (song requesting food, sung by children)
Pachala song: I'll take you home again in my one-eyed Ford
Description of game songs and discussion of song categories
Discussion of corn maidens' grinding song
Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song,) corrected version
Pan Indian Songs: I don't care if you're married sixteen times
Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song)
Suspal tawi
Mosayurtawi (Buffalo dance with English words)
Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song), corrected verision
Poli Song
Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song)
Tsa'kwayna (Warrior's song)
Jim Kewanwytewa singing at the Hopi Craftsman Show
Pan Indian Songs: When the dance is over I'll take you home
Pan Indian Songs: I'm so very lonesome
Poli tawi (Buttefly Song)