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6-12-f: Innu woman with shawl
6-4-i: Seven Innu people seated between tents
6-10-i: Innu man wearing a traditional hat
6-10-h: Innu man wearing vest and necktie, Lake Saint John
I(1C5) Burgesse, J Allan to Frank Speck
6-9-p: Innu boy with snowshoe
6-10-f: Innu woman with head covering, Lake Saint John
5-36-e: "Montagnais halfbreed furtrader's house. Lake St. John."
6-9-e: Innu girl
5-28-i: Houses and tents
D098: Woman and girl standing outside, Mashteuiatsh
D092: View of Lake St. John
D104: Innu woman and two French-Canadian men
D100: Woman wearing traditional hat, Mashteuiatsh
6-3-f: Innu man and boy with canoe
D096: Three boys standing outside, Mashteuiatsh
D095: Dog pulling boy in sled, Roberval
D103: Two men standing outside, holding hats, Mashteuiatsh
D097: Boy standing in snow, Roberval