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Willard W. Beatty to Frank Speck, 1941
Mobilian Search--Notebook
10-25-h: Joseph "Babe" Barbry using blowgun and Joseph Pierite, Sr. holding stickball sticks
10-25-l: Merlin Pierite
10-27-a: Anglaise "English" Barbry and unidentified older woman
10-26-k: Anna Mae Pierite Juneau, Joseph Pierite, Jr., and Norma Pierite Khawaja
10-26-e: Hilaire "Eli" Barbry
10-26-i: Hilaire "Eli" Barbry
10-28-a: Two boys and one young woman
10-27-i: Group of men playing outside
10-26-b: Anglaise "English" Barbry and unidentified older woman
10-28-b: Two men in a canoe on a bayou
10-26-j: Hilaire "Eli" Barbry
10-26-h: Joseph "Babe" Barbry using blowgun
10-26-c: Merlin Pierite and Joseph Pierite, Sr.
10-27-e: Merlin Pierite with stickball sticks
10-28-d: House on river or bayou
10-26-d: Joseph "Babe" Barbry and Chief Horace Pierite, Sr.
4-5-b: Houma woman
10-27-n: Frank Speck and unidentified man