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Interview between FdeL, Mrs. Katy Dixon Isaacs, and her grandson, Sheldon James Junior
Far to Heaven (yak'e watze niwa) and Song of Angels (yak'e got'ine)
Never Forget Me (sode wa'šare)
Kagwantan Mourning Song (correct version)
Henry Joe's Hard Luck Song (sorry for loss of father), Nenana (heard in 1916)
kwack'qwan Mourning Song for those Drowned
Joe Goodlataw's "Grandfather's" (mother's father's brother's) Sorry Song for Joe's great(?) grandfather who drowned. TurAl. "ayo heye hey hayo hayu"
Martha Jackson's Mother's Father's Sorry Song for his Daughter
Jim McKinley's Sorry Song for Oscar Craig, 1967
Mourning song
Kagwantan Mourning Song (incorrect version)
Tlingit Worry Song
Sorry Song by SaRatlE, NAltsina
Alice Craig's Sorry Song for her husband, 1934
First Stanza of Teqwedi Mourning Song, for men lost getting green stone near Sitka, [cf. Swanton, 1909, p. 46]
Martha's "Grandpa" (Mother's Mother's Brother's) Sorry Song for his Brother
Andy Brown's Sorry Song for hs Uncle, Lower Tonsina, 1948
Interview with Jenny Peters, Jake & Lily Tanzy
Oscar Ewan's Sorry Song for his son, Gulkana 1964
Mrs. Mentasta Bob's Sorry Song for her Song, Suslota