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Sapir, Edward: From Siebert, F.T., Jr.. 1937 May 25
Penobscot Speech [1 of 2]
A Thanksgiving Song
Lantern Slide #117: Aunt Mary, Indian Island
Lantern Slide #113: Family group, Indian Island
Penobscot Text No. 1
Penobscot Text No. 2
Lantern Slide #115: Indian Picnic, Indian Island
Penobscot Text No. 3
Lantern Slide #111: Oldest woman and Louisa, Indian Island, Maine
Lantern Slide #110: Mr. and Mrs. Roncoe's store, Indian Island, Maine
Louis Lolar, with headdress, half-length view
Penobscot Text No. 5
Louis Lolar, with headdress, full-length view
Lantern Slide #351: Sachem John Neptune
Interview with Watie Akins
Louis Lolar, with headdress, 3/4-length view
Louis Lolar, with pipe
Lantern Slide #116: Indian picnic, fishing
Lantern Slide #112: Indian Picnic, N. T. and family