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Plate 08-a: Fetching water from the River
Plate 44-b: Soltera
Plate 09-a: Victor's cameón, and Bernabé's store, shored up
Plate 15-b: Dye pot in shed and the dyer, Ana Santiago
Plate 09-c: The plaza and La Sorpresa
Plate 15-a: Lorenza Santiago, spinning
Plate 43-a: Agustina
Plate 14-a: Weavers
Plate 43-b2: Petronilla
Plate 09-b: Returning from the mill (in middlle background, the smithy)
Plate 43-b1: Petronilla
Plate 08-b: A stand of bamboo and the fig tree by the River
Plate 14-b: Weavers
Plate 44-a: Moises, the future maestro