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Emma M. Stirling to Charles Willing, 1885 October 16
Temple at Yokuhama
Ville de S. Domingue dans l'Isle de ce nom.
Visit to Fort Selkirk, Yukon
Description des Isles Antilles.
Botanical journal, 1799-1814
The formation and progress of settlements, and wars with the Indians [etc.]
Lucenda's Trip Out West
Propostition faite aux amis des sciences et des arts.
Gardening, trip to Georgia, etc.
Text 16: Autobiographical story about a voyage to Germany
Molly in Philadelphia (English)
Molly in Philadelphia (Cherokee)
The Trips Pat has Taken
Molly's coming to Philadelphia (Cherokee)
To the public. The subscriber, intending to publish as account of his voyage from Charleston (S.C.) to the coast of Africa, and his travels when there, hereby solicits subscriptions