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Nelson, Thomas, Jr. to George Weedon, 1777 October 28
Greene, Nathaniel to George Weedon, 1777 February 24
Washington, George to George Weedon, 1777 December 3
Shippen, Joseph to Jasper Yeates, 1777 September 9
Extract of a letter from an officer of distinction in the American army ... particulars of the horrid depredations committed by that part of the British army, which was stationed at ... Pennytown, under the command of Lord Cornwallis.
United States, Continental Congress resolutions
Cadwalader, Lambert to Samuel Meredith, 1779 October 23
Colonel Parker to George Weedon, 1777 January 24
Jasper Yeates to Joseph Shippen, 1777 September 10
Trumbell, Jonathan to Jabez Huntington, 1777 November 7
Notebook concerning British Army operations
Cadwalader, Lambert to Samuel Meredith, 1779 October 5
Scott, Captain William, The Battle of Germantown memorandum