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A-193: Conjuring lodge, complete
A-281: Duck Lake pole structure
F-130: Duck Lake structures
F-141: Dream Drum ceremony
F-165: Conjuring Falls
F-298: Children, group portrait
F-299: Children, group portrait in snow
F-315: Dream drum
A-324: Drying rack, with dog
A-022: Log building, Berens River village
A-118: Ojibwa boy, portrait
A-120: John James Keeper, portrait
A-140: Ochikomish, portrait
A-182: John Duck, portrait
F-079: Man with child, portrait
F-169: John Keeper, Jonathan Keeper, Daniel Keeper, Lucy Keeper, and Harry Keeper, group portrait
F-172: Henry Leveque, George Pascal, Thomas Boucher, Roderick Pascal and Xavier (Sabi) Owen, group portrait
F-173: Jane Duck, Lillian Owen, James Owen, and Thomas Duck, group portrait
F-202: Group sitting outside, portrait
F-333: Ojibwa child in hood-cap, portrait