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Otter man and family, portrait
Pole structure in meadow
Ojibwa man, portrait, wearing sweater
Ojibwa woman, portrait, kneeling outside
Noonaawas and Alfred Hallowell, portrait
Nine men, portrait
Kitahk and Mahkwemot, portrait
Three men with hose
Kiiwiich and Opashensh Keeper near tents, portrait
Berens River rapids, downstream
Boodaade of Dream Drum ceremonial lodge
Kookam and Ochikomish, portrait
Men in hats, portrait
Sitting outside, group portrait
Site of sweat lodge
Kaapiskwaamaach, three-quarters view portrait
George Howard Keeper, Charlie Bittern, David Alix, and Simon Alix, group portrait.
Pair of Ojibwa women at Pikangikum
Berens River by canoe, load on rocks by portage
Shoowap Keeper, making a rabbit skin blanket