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East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania.
View of the New Market from the Corner of Shippen and Second Street.
Philadelphia von dere Abend Seite.
North view of Philadelphia.
Arch Street Ferry, Philadelphia
The Artillery Corps of Philadelphia Greys, (Company D), Coms. By Captain George Cadwalader, First Regiment of Artillery, 1st Brigade, 1st Division.
The Great Elm Tree of Shackamaxon (now Kensington), under which William Penn Conluded his Treaty with the Indians in 1682 it fell during a storm in 1810.
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, 1876.
Girard College for Orphans at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, view 2.
Girard College for Orphans at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.
Merchants' Exchange.
Christ Church, Philadelphia.
Fairmount Gardens, with the Sckuylkill Bridge. (Philadelphia).
Northern Liberties & Spring Garden
Laurel Hill.
Second Street north from Market St. with Christ Church, Philadelphia.