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Rev. R. M. Chipman (?), seated, reading book.
Japanese group portrait, 1903.
I. S. Ogden, August 1864, Milwaukee.
John Knight Shryock, 1906.
Susan Ogden Roebuck, carte de visite.
Chimpanzee reaching for bananas, seated chimpanzee looking on.
Wedding Party.
Dr. Thomas D. Cope family portrait.
Chimpanzee reaching for bananas
"Saddle Rock": Shryock child and mother [?], sitting, full length, informal portrait.
Unidentifed woman and two men, full length, seated on porch "after tennis."
Brotherhood of St. Andrew Reunion, Church of the Incarnation, Philadelphia, Pa.
Man standing on porch, 'a true'fish-story'.
Lancaster, formal portrait.
Shryock child and mother [?], "bound for the beach," standing, full length, informal portrait.
Dr. Hallowell, bust, formal
Isaac Lea, bust, formal.
Willard Grimmer, 3/4 view, bust length portrait.
Hains family portrait.
Nautilus surfaced near ice floes.