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Ilha de Leão com asilhetas e fortes adjacentes ciudade e porto de Cadix com seus baixos &c. D. Vicente Tofino.
Plan of the city of Philadelphia, compiled from actual surveys by F. Drayton, 1824.
The Philadelphia Parkway as planned for the Fairmount Park Association.
Map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent.
Atlas of New Jersey.
Maury's wind and current chart.
Carte de la Polynesie ou la cinquième partie de la terre [title also in Swedish].
[Map of Vancouver Island area with light annotation.]
Southwark, Generally, with Delaware River.
. . . .Map of the city and liberties of Philadelphia, with the catalogue of purchasers, is humbly dedicated by their most obedient humble servant, John Reed.
Indischer Ocean.
Portraiture of the city of Philadelphia in the province of Pennsylvania in America.
Plan of the city of Philadelphia and environs.
Philadelphie, par Eas[t]burn.
Map (4).  Showing approximately some of the chief trade routes and trading places &c of the Plateau tribes.
Plan de la baye, ville et forts de St. Yago dans l'isle de Cuba.
Le pais de Brie.