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Pam.v.1160, No.10 - The Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History, continue to be published, accompanied with the plates necessary for the illustration of the respective memoirs. Two volumes
Miscellany. Meteorological observations for May, 1817. State of the thermometer at a tenement of Mr. James Reed, near the Brattle-House, Cambridge
[Phrenological chart fragment]
Liste des membres qui composent la Société d'Histoire Naturelle de l'Ile Maurice. 1er[.] septembre 1836
Elementary treatise on mineralogy. Prospectus of a treatise on mineralogy; adapted to the present state of science; including important applications to the arts and manufactures
Maison d'éducation et école de mathématiques, sous l'autorité & la jurisdiction de Monsieur le Chantre de l'Église de Paris...[et] sous la direction de M. Arnauld
Pam.v.1094, No.14 - Sur les gisements de cinq séries de gaz hydrocarbonés provenant des roches paléozoïques de l'Amérique du Nord;
H. Ewington's universal chronometer or perpetual almanac explained
608 P19, No. 16 - Mémoire sur une pendule à baromêtre...
Newport, March 16, 1752. Notice is hereby given to the curious, that at the Court-House, in the Council-Chamber, is now to be exhibited
Propostition faite aux amis des sciences et des arts.
Report of a commission appointed to examine the triangulation of Mr. James Ferguson, assistant U.S. Coast Survey upon the coast of the United States, during the years, 1844-45. Coast Survey Office, Washington, March 1, 1847
Third circular of the committee, relating to the contemplated meeting to commence on the first Monday of April 1844. To which are added certain proceedings of the board of management of the institute.
Description of the atmospheric recorder, or self-registering apparatus for the various changes of the barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, electrometer, pluviometer, and evaporator
The subscriber, proposing to devote his time to instruction in the practical operations of chemistry