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Pam.v.1160, No.10 - The Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History, continue to be published, accompanied with the plates necessary for the illustration of the respective memoirs. Two volumes
Thermometrical table, on the scales of Fahrenheit, Centigrade and Reaumur comprising the most remarkable phenomena chemical and physiological connected with temperature, by Alfred S. Taylor, lecturer on chemistry in Guy's Hospital
Dem Rector und Lehrer-Collegium des Gymnasiums zu Görlitz
Notice de livres au rabais qui se trouvent chez Saugrain, libraire, quai des augustins, jusqu'au premier juin prochain; passé lequel temps on les paiera leurs prix ordinaires
Discovery of viviparous fish in Louisiana. New Orleans, Nov. 1, 1854
Pam.v.139, No.6 - An account of some parhelia observed at Milford and Camden, Delaware, March 14th, 1841
Tables of natural sines and natural tangents, for the use of field parties of the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, 1875.
The formation and progress of settlements, and wars with the Indians [etc.]
Natural History Society. Founded May 6, 1869. [List of] officers,...executive committee, [and]...members [for 1890]
From the Utica Morning Herald, January 11, 1893. Local historians. Annual meeting of the Oneida Historical Society. Officers elected
Dr. Rees's New cyclopedia. Samuel F. Bradford is preparing to publish by subscription the New cyclopedia; or, Universal dictionary of arts and sciences, in twenty volumes quarto
308 Pam. No. 69 - Thomas Dobson, no. 41, South Second Street, Philadelphia, having happily completed the American edition of the Encyclopedia
The analysis of a lecture upon the eidouranion; or astronomical lucernal, explaining the courses, distances, situations, magnitudes and motions of the heavenly bodies
North east entrance in Kensington Road. Admit the bearer to the ceremony of laying the first stone of the Hall of Arts & Sciences, Kensington Gore