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Drafting the Declaration of Independence, 1776.
Meeting Notice.
Benjamin Franklin.
Mead, Catherine Croker to Benjamin Franklin, 1775 December 16
Vernon, William to Benjamin Franklin, 1778 December 7
Designs for an Emblem of the Thirteen Original States
Philadelphische zeitung
Will, 1741 March 9
Promissory note, no. 13
Promissory note, no. 11
Events leading up to the French and Indian War.
Promissory note, no. 5
Promissory note, no. 15
Benjamin Franklin to the Printer of the London Chronicle, 1760.
Benyowsky, Susanna Hensky, Comtesse de to Benjamin Franklin, 1786 July 12
Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin to Ferdinand Grand (France) Promissory Note no. 15, July 18, 1781.
Michael Bright to James Cuming, 1782 March 20
Statement of Account with Benjamin Franklin.