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2-39-n: Frank Speck and Josiah Montour
A-306: Keeper family dwelling
A-241: View from bay, dance pavillion
2-39-l: Frank Speck and Josiah Montour
A-098: Ojibwa, Little Grand Rapids, finished waaginogaan frame, with small boy
A-283: After-birth on a pole in the woods
A-248: Ojibwa man, woman and children
A-250: Ojibwa men, women, and children
A-292: Ojibwa child, dwelling
Nick Peters
A-295: Ojibwa dwelling
Huron boys
A-276: Ojibwa women stretching hide
A-290: Stanley Quill
A-288: View of encampment A from across the bay
A-294: Joseph Crow and family
A-316: Ojibwa women, children
A-317: Tyhe 1 - fishes, marten, mink
A-263: Ojibwa encampment
A-286: Grandfather rock