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3-10-i: Komatik [Sledge]
3-10-m: Inuk man
3-10-l: Inuk man
3-10-f: Puppies with walrus head
3-10-a: Inuk girl attending to a clothesline
3-10-o: Inuk young woman
3-10-n: Rose
3-10-h: Unidentified body of water with settlement in background
3-10-k: Elizabeth Lucy
3-10-d: Two Inuit men in parkas
3-10-c: Group portrait, Inuit men and women
3-10-e: Inuk boy with juvenile bear
3-10-j: John Charles Rose, Battle Harbour Inuit
3-10-b: Inuit family, group portrait, outside
3-10-g: Group portrait of Labrador children at St. Anthony Orphanage and Boarding School