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Lantern Slide #353: Micmac settlement
Lantern Slide #013: Micmac Indian encampment, Nova Scotia
Lantern Slide #004: Joe Toney, his wife, and their daughter, Mali
Micmac Comical Dance
Lantern Slide #012: Tom Joe and Frank Paul carrying hunting gear
Micmac Dance Chant (Conservative Lincoln Version)
Micmac Dance
Lantern Slide #005: Santu Toney and Joe Toney
Lantern Slide #003: Joe Toney
"Hunting Territories of the Micmac-Montagnais of Newfoundland"
Micmac Dance
Micmac Dance
43: Robert, Vicar general of Quebec, to Peter Stephen du Ponceau, August 8, 1818
"Hunting Territories in Nova Scotia" [and Prince Edward Island]
"Hunting Territories in Cape Breton Island"
Micmac Dance
III(5E1e) - Central Algonkians -- e. Miami Miscellaneous notes
Map of Northeastern United States and Canada Showing Family Hunting Territories and Boundaries of Bands and Tribes as far as the Survey has been carried