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6-13-l: Full length view of boy standing outside
Temporary Birch-Bark wigwam.
6-13-e: Full length view of woman standing outside in fur cape
Doc Dance of the Dahcotas.
A Seer Attempting to Destroy an Indian Girl by a Pencil of Sun Light.
"Two Friends"
6-12-c: Man and woman, standing outside, Natashquan, Canada.
Indians in Council.
Indian Doctor Concocting a Pot of Medicine.
Striking the Post.
Spearing Muskrats in Winter.
6-12-l: Frank Speck, standing outside in snow shoes, Sebec Lake, Maine, 1916.
U4.1.37 Inuk girl
Maori man
Navajo game masks
Inuk netting auks
4-19-a: Delaware village
Dighton Rock.
Sequoyah, 1770?-1843
5-33-j: Man, woman and children, standing outside.