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Pauingassi schoolchildren, 1958
Interview with David Owen, December 19, 2005 [1 of 2]
Interview with Pauingassi school teachers and students on Charlie George, March 16, 1995
Trip home from Pauingassi
Reminiscences about Charlie George, and going around Pauingassi
Miscellaneous conversations
Interview with David Owen, January 17, 2002
Unidentified narrative
Pauingassi, June 1955 (with ID labels)
Sound effects of plane ride from Little Grand Rapids to Winnipeg
Sound effects: motorboat to site of ceremony
Unidentified narrative
Travelling in plane and car
Interview with ????, January 25, 2006
Unidentified narrative
Pauingassi, June 1991 (or 1989)
Sounds from Pauingassi school
Naamiwan's sons
Sound effects traveling around Pauingassi
Interview with Harriet Rattlesnake, April 5, 1994