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Plan for a Fan Chair, 1786 August 18
Diary, 1818 November 5 - 1819 January 29
Concerning two portraits by C.W. Peale
Letterbook, 1819-1820
Mrs. Sarah Wally Turner and son
Charles Willson Peale.
 Elephant skeleton
Two birds, "drawn for Capt. M. Lewis."
Charles Willson Peale
Lecture, no. 8 - A Voice in Behalf of the Oppressed
Lecture, no. 7 - Essay on Health
Sketch of a cannon.
Either N.W or .S.E. corner of 3rd and Lombard, Philadelphia, possibly Charles Willson Peale's house.
Rubens Peale to Charles Wilson Peale, 1803 July 30
Rough sketch of a cannon.
Charles Wilson Peale to Benjamin Franklin Peale, 1817 June 17
List of portraits painted by Charles Wilson Peale.