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Ester Abraham Flexner seated near small table.
Transparent figure of female in robes beside table.
Leo Lesquereux, portrait, bust
Feunchal natives, Madeira
Choloe type, Lima, Peru
James Wesley Jobling formal portrait, seated
[Portrait of woman], Valparaiso, Chile
Dr. Flaschoen, with "force psychique sortant de ses mains."
[Portrait of woman], Lima, Peru
Hugo de Vries.
[Portrait of woman], Lima, Peru
Professor E. L. Mark, carte de visite.
C. Pendleton
Wilhelm Johannsen carte de visite.
Marie Curie formal portrait.
Manner of carrying invalid, Madeira
Big Thunder (Ka-te-no-go)
[Portrait of woman], Lima, Peru
Hollways Hotel, Madeira. Hack drawn by oxen
[Portrait of woman], Lima, Peru