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Tsuut'ina classificatory stems
III-5: Meeting of Two Men
"Nass River text" (Tsimshian)
A phonemic analysis of a Dakota dialect
Hoijer, Dorothy, to Whitfield J. Bell (American Philosophical Society), September 30, 1976
Dialect pun in Dakota
Mohawk (Caughnawaga / Kahnawake) notes
Hewson, Mary Stevenson to [Elizabeth Hewson]
Gwich'in notebook #5
Kutenai grammar
A Story of Turtle & his Brother
Cheyenne Material part 3: Southern Cheyenne notebook 12
Grammatical Categories #4: Archaic suffixes
Tolowa: Lexicon section Q
Georgiana Shipley to Benjamin Franklin, January 6, 1781
Descent of Man manuscript pages.
Vocabulary of the Nez Percé or Cheaptin language
Sahaptin field notes, Notebook 1