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W. F. G. Swann, accepting award, 3/4 view.
"Circular Plough Grader"
2-3-h: Corn mortar and pestle
9-9-p: Woman, standing outside with blanket wrapped around head and shoulders.
36: Nett Lake (Bois Forte) Ojibwe, group portrait
Visiting  President Borno of Haiti.
Helen Thomas Flexner as a young woman.
Hearings before the Haitian Commission, 1930.
9-7-k: Francis Nicola and Myra Andrews, standing outside
W. F. G. Swann seated beside unidentified man.
Group of men and women standing outside with trees and car in background.
Cohn, sitting in laboratory, Woods Hole.
11: Opening of Tseshaht Market
6-9-f: Innu girl
Goldschmidt Lab, Kaiser Wilhelm Institut: women at specimen boxes.
Elsie Clews Parsons, bathing suit photo.