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03-02 Elicitation of Choctaw words and phrases
Sentence constructions in Hopi using anatomical terms
Corn-grinding Song
Conversation regarding the merits of good songs and how songs are made
Elicitation of Comox words and phrases
Conjunct order verb forms and aspectual material [1 of 2]
Unidentified K'iche' text
Comanche Dance Song
Santo Domingo Buffalo Dance
Comanche Dance
Unidentified K'iche' text
Kachina Song (hey hey-a)
Four stories told by Tenas Charley
Unidentified K'iche' text
Butterfly Dance Song (with drum)
Unidentified K'iche' text
Suspal tawi
Discussion of Deer Dance
Deer Dance: Unidentified Song
Elicitation of sentences