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F-162: Noonaawas and Alfred Hallowell, portrait
F-164: William Berens and Alfred Hallowell, portrait
A-065: Berens River by canoe, tea break with Chief William Berens, Hallowell, and others
F-092: Joe Keeper, William Berens, A. I. Hallowell, and Atoine Bittern
D113: Three Naskapi men
D116: Naskapi man, profile
D118: Naskapi man wearing scarf
D114: Naskapi man
D108: Naskapi man and two girls
D115: Naskapi man
A-037: Ojibwa man, portrait, wearing sweater
A-032: Three men, group portrait
A-145: Niijibanaankosh, portrait
A-035: Ojibwa man, portrait, wearing overalls
D098: Woman and girl standing outside, Mashteuiatsh
D096: Three boys standing outside, Mashteuiatsh
A-031: Four men, group portrait
D090: Mashteuiatsh
D112: Two Naskapi women
D117: Naskapi man in front of tent