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Account of the prices of articles and the boundaries of the village when the speaker was a boy
Kawki texts and conversation
Elicitation of Cherokee words and phrases
Sentence constructions in Hopi using anatomical terms
Corn-grinding Song
Text 22
Chickadee (English)
Otomi story [2 of 2]
Text 5
Conversation regarding the merits of good songs and how songs are made
Elicitation of Comox words and phrases
Reading of items recorded for the Linguistic Atlas of New England: 48-63
Interview with Jim Kewanwytewa at the Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Craftsman Show [1 of 2]
Highland Chontal folklore stories
Conjunct order verb forms and aspectual material [1 of 2]
Kawki conversation and huayno
Unidentified K'iche' text
Elicitation focused on demonstratives, modals, and evidentials
Comanche Dance Song